About the City

Or Yehuda-Ramat Pinkas is a city located centrally in the Dan region of Israel and is part of Bikat Uno (the Uno Valley). The city is about seven kilometers from Ben-Gurion Airport, with its borders on Yehud-Monosson (in the east), Route 461 and Tel Hashomer (in the north), Route 412 (in the south) and Geha (in the west). The area of ​​the city is about 6,500 acres.

Or Yehuda, founded in 1949, is named after Rabbi Yehuda Ben Shlomo Chai Alkalai, one of the forerunners of Zionism and who spoke about the revival of the Hebrew language. The city is ranked 6 out of 10 in the socio-economic ranking and approximately 37,000 residents currently reside here.

The City's Vision

Or Yehuda-Ramat Pinkas connects and unites the entire Ono Valley region and provides regional municipal services to all surrounding authorities. The city is constantly engaged in promotion and development and strives to improve in all aspects of daily life in order to provide all residents in Or Yehuda and the Ono Valley, maximum quality of life.

The great investment in veteran and new residents marks the city’s primary goal of making Or Yehuda the gem of the Ono Valley, a city that strives for excellence in all fields and provides its residents with a range of benefits and quality of life.

Programs and Projects

Or Yehuda is a prosperous city that aims to excel and lead in fields such as, education, city appearance, culture, infrastructure and development, quality of life, sports, religious services and more.

During 2016, an education reform was launched in the city’s ‘Yovelim’ High School and for the first time in many years, a Principal was selected to head a six-year educational framework. The division between secondary and high schools, that had existed in recent years, was canceled and special attention was focused towards academic success, whilst the choice of pedagogical programs for senior students was expanded. All these activities contribute and add to the pride of Or Yehuda’s students' achievements and high standards. The city also pays great attention in other schools and kindergartens throughout the city in emphasizing and addressing academic success, excellence and achievement, helping others and volunteering.  These activities contribute to uniting the city’s residents.

Or Yehuda’s municipality takes care to curate and improve the city’s public areas, roundabouts and streets, thereby providing an aesthetic appearance for the enjoyment of both residents and visitors.

In the area of culture, Or Yehuda hosts a variety of events for all sectors and audiences.  Residents benefit from a magnificent cultural hall located in the centre of the city that has a capacity of 450 people. Additional events are hosted at the city’s "Centre for Music and Dance"  a performing arts centre, where students from Or Yehuda and the surrounding region study music and dance and reach success at  international levels.

During 2017, Or Yehuda signed a principal municipal development agreement allowing the construction of 5,020 housing units in the north and west of the city, an agreement that will change the future face of the city.  Under the agreement, signed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Finance – Mr. Moshe Kahlon, and Minister of Housing and Construction - Mr. Yoav Galant, the state committed to transfer approximately 1.5 billion shekels to be invested in a variety of projects in the city’s old and new neighborhoods, to upgrade residents’ quality of life.

The City Emblem 

Or Yehuda’s new city emblem was inaugurated in 2017 and reflects the new direction the city has embarked on. The emblem is made up of geometric shapes emanating from a single centre, in different directions. The combination of shapes makes up the word "OR" [Light] which is part of the city's name. The geometric shape on the right (in orange) creates the English letter, C which is the beginning of the word centre.

The city's chosen slogan is "Merkaz Shel Ha-Merkaz" ["Center of the Center"], which highlights the strategic location of the city in the centre of the Ono Valley, in the centre of the Dan region, and in the centre of the State of Israel.

The orange circle on the right symbolizes the centre of events, the warmth of the residents and fusion of cultures found in Or Yehuda. The green arch on the left symbolizes the road that leads from anywhere to everywhere in all directions as well as the lifestyle in the green centre of the Dan region. The blue vertical axis signifies the direction the city is heading - to the sky and beyond, signaling "the sky is the limit".

Alongside Or Yehuda’s new and modern emblem the old city emblem, designed in 1998 by graphic designer Lavi Tzarfati, was preserved. In the old city emblem, the sun symbolizes the light of the city and its name. The emblem also shows high-rise buildings and single storey houses that characterize Or Yehuda. In addition, the cog wheel and heartbeat line that symbolize low-tech and high-tech urban industry. The lower part of the old emblem depicts trees and green spaces.